Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace are a grassroots movement with tens of thousands of members from the right, center and left of the political spectrum, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, united in the demand for a mutually binding non-violent agreement between Israelis and Palestinian, involving women in the process (in the spirit of UN Resolution 1325). It should be clarified that there exists elements within WWP that do take a political stand over the question of annexation, Israel gaining sovereignty over Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Such political issues runs counter to their charter. However, they also have a growing number of members that are quietly investigating the status of Jews and Palestinians living in areas that might be annexed. Accordingly, WWP is included in META based on two factors: Their existing track record of having both Jewish settler and Palestinian women sharing peaceful dialogue, and an openness by members to explore the question of annexation / sovereignty without prejudice.

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To bring about the resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict by means of an honorable, non-violent and mutually acceptable agreement, with the participation of women from diverse groups of the population in Israel, in accordance with UN Resolution 1325.

The movement is not affiliated with any political party and its members include women from diverse communities within Israeli society: right, center and left; religious and secular; Jews, Arabs, Druze and Bedouin; young women and older women; women from the center of the country and from the periphery. The movement does not support any one particular solution to the conflict.
The movement is composed of thousands of volunteers, organized within a framework of both regional teams, as well as professional teams dealing with Government Engagement, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Media, Digital, Projects, Strategy, Diversity, and more.


During the four years of activity, they’ve held thousands of events throughout the country with the participation of thousands of citizens. They hold parlor meetings and discussion groups; they screened the movie about the successful struggle of Liberian women for peace; they stand at many intersections throughout the country; WWP participate in panel discussions and conferences; they maintain ties with Knesset members and other public figures and participate in various discussions at Knesset committee meetings.


Women Wage Peace, was granted special consultative status to the UN. The request was submitted after consulting with the Foreign Ministry and receiving its encouragement. In addition to the honorable status, the movement will have the right to initiate and participate in events of UN organizations which are relevant to their activities, to express opinions, and to broaden ties with organizations and countries with similar goals.