Who We Are

The Middle East Trade Alliance is a unique public-private partnership dedicated to international trade facilitation within a politically sensitive region. Accordingly, META serves a dual purpose. The prime objective is to facilitate the entry of business enterprises consisting of those living on either side of the political divide, to jointly benefit from Abraham Accords. In so doing, the secondary objective of META is being realised, which is to facilitate a more secure and prosperous climate in the effected region. A longer term goal, as a side product of the prime and secondary aim, is to provide alternative representation in disputed areas for renewed politically brokered peace accords.

Our work in turn helps governments in developing a more stable framework in the region from which to build a more enduring peace agreement, which can also positively impact on the existing Abraham Accords.

We are led by chambers of commerce, senior government officials, business executives, and a steering committee.

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

A world where those seeking to enhance trading relations within disputed areas is simple, fast and cost-effective, creating new business opportunities, enabling greater economic and social development and reducing poverty.

Our mission

To enhance trade facilitation implementation by bringing together the public and private sectors as equal partners to identify and deliver commercially meaningful reforms in developing these least developed regions.

Our values

  • Collaboration – we believe the public and private sectors must be equal partners, co-creating reforms and taking equal responsibility for improving trade facilitation
  • Pragmatism – we believe in practical reforms that make trade easier
  • Impact – everything we do is measurable and results-driven, delivering sustainable, commercially meaningful change
  • Impartiality – we work with our partners towards a greater, shared vision
  • Transparency – we are open and accountable for our actions