Our Approach


1. Establishing public-private dialogues on trade facilitation

Neither governments nor the private sector can deliver successful trade facilitation reforms alone.

The Alliance works with governments, businesses and other international organisations to create the right environment for trade reforms that respond directly to business needs.

We aim to raise awareness of the importance of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, encourage governments and businesses to work together to implement it, and share best practice.

Both the governments and businesses we work with are fully committed to meaningful trade facilitation reform.

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2.  Delivering country trade facilitation projects

The Alliance is working on the ground in developing and least developed countries to make international trade simpler, faster and more cost-effective.

Our projects tackle trade barriers with a business mind-set, bringing together governments and companies to identify trade issues such as customs delays and unnecessary red-tape at borders, and design and implement targeted reforms that deliver commercially quantifiable results.

The Alliance is looking for governments wishing to host a trade facilitation project, subject to our selection process. We also want to hear from private sector organisations who would like to contribute to trade facilitation reforms on the ground.

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3. Using data to measure and strengthen our impact

We use real world business metrics to develop benchmarks and track the impact of trade facilitation reforms.

We use this data to help design our country projects, ensuring that we target support where it is most needed, and to track the impact of our work, allowing us to gather and share best practice.

Our metrics highlight how trade facilitation reforms can make countries more attractive to investors and traders and empower local businesses. Sharing this data creates a competitive incentive for countries to implement reforms.