How To Get involved

Government may set the rules, but it is business that trades. That is why when it comes to local initiatives, business needs to be not just at the table, but in the driving seat. Facilitating trade is a joint responsibility in which business has a key role to play. META is a mechanism to make this happen.

Work with us to apply your problem-solving skills and innovation to the challenges business faces every day, even more in a neglected region with so much to offer. Deliver concrete actions that will reduce the cost and strain of cross-border trade and unlock economic growth to benefit all.

Why join us now?

Abraham Accords landmark agreements has created political momentum behind the movement to facilitate trade, with countries right across the globe committing to modernising their commercial processes. The one key obstacle standing in the way of Abraham Accords reaching its full deserved potential relates to the very disputed region that META focuses upon. If we are to turn the agreement into a durable long term reality, we need to active focussed participation on the private sector that META highlights.

The time to act is now. In order to design reforms that will really make a difference, governments are looking to businesses to play their part, with ideas, creativity, expertise and resources. This success can be reflected in our own unique individual contribution to META, for the common good.

Hear why our partners got involved

How to get involved

If you are a local business or association, support a META project. Join our public-private dialogues and working groups to help identify trade opportunities, devise solutions to address them, pilot new systems, and share business data to help us identify bottlenecks and measure impact.

If you are a multinational business, join us as a partner. Our partners contribute their resources in-kind and in a wide range of ways depending on project needs. You could provide experts to assist our projects, supply data to help us identify obstacles and measure impact, share best practices from around the world. Alliance partners also connect us with subsidiaries, clients or companies in their supply chains in potential project countries, and act as ambassadors for trade facilitation and public-private partnerships at events, in the media and online.